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Sr. UX Service Designer

As a member of the service design team, I work cross-functionally with product, engineering and fulfillment stakeholders to curate end-to-end "Do-It-For-You" (DIFY) experiences for everyday entrepreneurs.

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What working with me is like 

"Her peers love it when she takes the lead and isn't afraid to provide input, ask hard questions and be honest about concerns. She's fearless in how she holds the bar high for how we can work together better --- 'keep seeking clarity so fiercely.'"

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  • Customer journey & service delivery design

  • Customer research, ethnographic mapping & analysis 

  • UI/UX prototype + content 

  • Customer communication journey 

  • Internal + external support resources 

  • Design thinking, systems thinking & strategy

  • User testing, survey analysis (NPS), and experimentation 

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Lead service designer + strategist

Lead service designer + strategist

Contributing service designer + content

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What my colleagues say 

"Arika's a 'powerhouse' and 'rock star' when it comes to absorbing complex info quickly."

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