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This portfolio showcases my professional range in digital marketing, UX, and content-related projects.

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Explore a few email marketing campaigns and video productions that I've worked on to promote various events, products, and services.

Read a few of my content-related projects, which showcase a bit of UX writing, long-form thought leadership articles, and more.

Review a collection of projects that showcase my design thinking, approach, and learnings as a UX generalist, researcher, and writer.

Work: Projects


What working with me is like

Work: Testimonials

Senior Manager for Airlines, Airlines Reporting Corporation

Arika's creativity, professionalism and customer-centric mindset is truly amazing. I worked with Arika on numerous customer-facing projects (events, webinars, and creative content) and she always provided great insight with a forward thinking approach. She serves as an inspiration to all that work with her and she exudes a positive approach that is contagious. I highly recommend Arika and believe she will be a valuable asset to the growth of any organization.

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