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Welcome to the Blog

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I debated about adding a blog section, but after some deep introspection, I decided that this portion of my website was necessary. However, this is not my first rodeo of having a blog; in fact, this is my second time managing a personal blog.

When I graduated with my bachelor of arts degree in mass media arts-journalism from Clark Atlanta University, it came with a whirlwind of craze and uncertainty. Back in 2009, all I had was a degree and a dream to have a full-time career in communications. Instead, I was facing the catastrophic Great Recession, where jobs were hard to come by. I had to suck up the truth, pack up my life in Atlanta, and move back home to Virginia. It was a challenging time for me, for us all, really, but it inspired me to start, then, The Lipstick Memoir (TLM) Blog. I always had a natural affinity for writing, so I decided to use the TLM blog to document my musings as a 20-something in this unfamiliar world. This blog gave me access to something I loved (writing and creativity), even if it meant not making much money for it, but it also gave me hope for my future.

Today, it feels full circle for me to start this blog. Specifically speaking, it is almost the same timeframe as to how I felt 10+ years ago, except it is different because I have more wisdom to navigate these uncharted waters. However, what I did not anticipate is the world facing a global pandemic, the U.S. attempting to confront years of suppressed racial injustices, and now, the global economy, which has been declared worse than “The Great Depression” is coined “The COVID-19 Recession.”

My career path has been no linear journey; it has had ups and downs; twists and turns; pivots and power moves, but in the end, it has left me with lessons to help mentor those around me. As I am creating this blog, I, too, am experiencing a career change into the tech industry. The goal of this blog is to establish me as an industry voice at the intersections of technology, design, and business. Peppered in between this content, I plan to share my tips and tricks in how I became a self-care advocate, and how I plan to use my professional superpowers for good. When I was a bright-eyed-20-something, all I wanted to do was chase my dreams, but now I see it is more about becoming the person you want to be and creating the life you want.

What steps have you taken to create the long-term life that you want?

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